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[ Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles & Bricks Square Shape]

Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles & Bricks Square Shape

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[ Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles & Bricks Square Shape ]

Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles & Bricks Square Shape

Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles and Bricks in square shapes, covering sizes, uses, and the manufacturing process:


  1. Standard Tile Sizes:

    • Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles in square shapes are available in standard sizes, such as 6×6 inches, 8×8 inches, or 12×12 inches. These dimensions can vary based on the manufacturer and customer preferences.
  2. Brick Dimensions:

    • Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks in square shapes might have dimensions like 4x4x2 inches or 6x6x2 inches, with 2 inches being a common thickness.


  1. Salt Wall Panels:

    • Square-shaped salt tiles are commonly used to create salt wall panels, providing a contemporary and symmetrical look to interior spaces.
  2. Meditation and Yoga Spaces:

    • Salt tiles can be incorporated into meditation or yoga spaces, contributing to a serene and calming atmosphere.
  3. Cooking and Food Presentation:

    • Square-shaped salt tiles are suitable for use as cooking surfaces or serving platters, adding a unique touch to the presentation of dishes.
  4. Spa and Wellness Rooms:

    • The tiles are often used in spa and wellness rooms, where the soft glow and potential wellness benefits of Himalayan salt contribute to a relaxing environment.

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Salt Sourcing:

    • High-quality Himalayan salt is sourced from mines, typically from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.
  2. Cutting and Shaping:

    • The salt is cut into square shapes, and the surfaces are often left natural to showcase the unique patterns and color variations present in Himalayan Pink Salt.
  3. Finishing and Polishing:

    • The edges and surfaces of the tiles are finished and polished to create a smooth and visually appealing final product.
  4. Quality Control:

    • Each tile undergoes quality control checks to ensure it meets the desired standards in terms of size, thickness, and overall appearance.
  5. Packaging:

    • The tiles are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation, ensuring they reach their destination in optimal condition.

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